Philip Johnston - Manufacturing | Production | Machinery - Stanford Who's Who Certified

Philip Johnston - Manufacturing | Production | Machinery - Stanford Who's Who Certified

Technology - Roto Pumps LTD

As State Manager for the Queensland, Australia area; Philip has twenty plus years of experience with Roto Pumps LTD. As a positive displacement pump manufacturer for over forty years, Roto Pumps LTD continuously endeavors to increase their pump basket to cater to a wide spectrum of industries and applications with their greatest asset being in providing fluid engineering solutions to thousands of customers worldwide

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Phillip is Certificatied in Sales Management and Marketing from Stofts College and also Certificatied in Animal Husbanding from Queensland Agricultural College in Australia. He is currently a member of Mining Industry Professionals. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and watching motor sports.


Design and manufacturing of Roto Pumps, PCP pumps, TSP pumps and parts for various industries-paper, sugar, agriculture, oil and gas, mining, food, chemical etc.

Sale, management, engineering

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